Lube-Shuttle® Grease

Lube-Shuttle® cartridges are currently filled by hundreds of brands around the world and more oil companies switch every day. We work with refineries to bring lube-shuttle® technology to both the commercial and retail industries. It is our goal that all brands will be offered in Lube-Shuttle® cartridges worldwide.


Currently in North America we offer our AirTec® brand of grease for retail to help ensure Lube-Shuttle® is available to all customers and all locations.

Premium Lube-Shuttle® Greases by AirTec®

Air Tec Grease MoS02

AirTec Grease:  MoS2 Multi-Purpose

AirTec MoS2 is a lithium based, multi purpose grease containing 3% molybdenum disulfide, which gives it excellent wear and pressure protection.  This is grease is best used in high stress wheel and friction bearings found in suspensions, heavy construction equipment, and industrial machines.  In addition to the 3% moly it also contains corrosion inhibitors, polymers for better metal adhesion, and anti-oxidant additives that make it a great all round grease for high temperature and high pressure situations.

Technical Data

Base Viscosity 155 mm²/ (40°C)

Temperature Range -30 +130°C (266°F)

DIN 51502 KPF 2 K-30


AirTec Grease:  G200 EP LS High-Performance

AIRTEC G200 EP is lubricating grease, natural colored and lithium saponified, with chemically acting EP additives.
AIRTEC G200 EP is suitable for lubrication of roller and friction bearings under extreme pressure load shocks and vibrations.
– oxidation stability
– extreme worked stability
– High-pressure resistance
– water resistance
– good protection against corrosion
– adhesiveness

Technical Data

NLGI-Grade 2
Operating temperature for long-term lubrication: -30 to +190 °C
Designation: KP 2 K-30
ISO-L-XCCEB 2: -25 – +120 °C
Short time admissible temperature peak value: +140 °C
Drop point Approx:. 190 °C
Worked penetration 265 to 295: (1/10 mm)
Water resistance: 1 – 90
Base oil: Mineral oil
Base oil viscosity (40 °C): 195 mm²/s
SKF Emcor Test: 0 corrosion degree
4 ball welding load: 2600 N
Copper strip test (100°C): 1 corrosion degree

AirTec G200 EP LS Plus
AirTec G200 EP LS Plus

AirTec Grease:  P 100 EM Polyurea

AirTec P 100 can be applied in:

– High-speed plain and roller bearings in generators
– Electric motors
– Fans and ventilators
– In-wheel bearings and water pump
– bearings in the automotive sector Properties
– Very good water resistance
– Very good corrosion protection
– Wide service temperature range
– Good wear protection
– Extreme pressure additives

Technical Data:

Thickener:  Polyurea
NLGI-Grade:  2
Color: Beige
Operating temperature for long-term lubrication: -20 to +140°C
Speed index: 500.000
Drop point: 240 °C
Worked penetration 265 to 295: (1/10 mm)
4 ball welding load: 2400 N
Corrosion protection Corrosion category: 1 – 100
(EMCOR test): 0 and 0 corrosion degree
Copper corrosion test: 1 corrosion degree
Water resistance: 1 – 90 Evaluation grade

AirTec Grease: KH 150 F Full Synthetic

AirTec KH 150 F can be applied in:
– Roller and plain bearings
– Cam plates
– Guides
– Plain rollers
– Heavily loaded small gears
– Central lubrication systems

– Oxidation stability
– Extreme worked stability
– High pressure resistance
– Water resistance
– Good protection against corrosion
– Adhesiveness

Technical Data:

Thickener: Calcium Soap
Color: Light Brown
NLGI-Grades: 1 & 2
Operating temperature for long-term lubrication: -40 to +160 °C
Drop point: 240 °C
Worked penetration: 290 to 320 1/10 mm
Base oil: Synth. Hydrocarbon
Base oil viscosity (40 °C): Approx. 150 mm²/s
Base oil viscosity (100 °C): Approx. 18,5 mm²/s
4 ball welding load: 3000 N

AirTec G200 EP LS Plus
AirTec G200 EP LS Plus

AirTec Grease: Li400 High Temp/Ultra Performance



AirTec’s Li400 is the flagship grease of the AirTec Brand and is designed for maximum protection.  The foundation of Li400 is a medium weight base oil that is great for both low and high-speed applications and it is thickened with lithium complex, which gives it excellent thermal stability. 

However, the exceptional performance of Li400 comes from the proprietary micro-ceramic additive from Wagner/AirTec.  The micro-ceramic additive used in Li400 is able to withstand extreme pressure loads and temperatures beyond the dropping point of the grease, but the advantages continue to include outstanding wear reduction and protection.    


-Highest Performing AirTec Grease
-Premium Lithium Complex Thickener
-Micro-Ceramic Additives for Extreme Pressure Use

-High and low speed bearings
-Light duty and severe duty pins and bushings
-Slideways and open surface lubrication points
-Needle bearings, roller bearings, wheel bearings, and chasis points
-Replaces having to have multiple greases.  Great low and high temp protection

Technical Data

Thickener: Lithium Complex
Color: Cream
NLGI-Grades:  2
Operating temperature for long-term lubrication: -30 to +160 °C
Drop point: 280 °C
Base oil: Mineral Oil w/ ceramic additive
Base oil viscosity (40 °C): Approx. 220 mm²/s

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