Lube-Shuttle® Reviews:  “Game Changing”

Bought a Lube-Shuttle® Grease Gun and liked it so much we bought them for our business.  Awesome Product! Saves us time and money—NO MESS
Tim B.

Business Owner

Worth the extra money–absolutely outstanding product.  I have tried all kinds of electric and hand grease guns.  This is the only one that doesn’t leak, keeps its prime, and keeps me clean!
Bob J.

Land Owner/Hobby Farmer

With 500+ machines and vehicles in our fleet we go through a lot of grease.  We thought Lube-Shuttle® was going to be a scam.  We bought some in, and WOW.  Super impressed.  All our old grease guns went to the scrap bin
Dominic O.

Corporate Superintendent

Best invention in the grease industry in the last 100 years.  Easy to use, light, clean.  Thanks lube-shuttle®
Pierce W.

Aviation Technician

Its easy to see why Lube-Shuttle® is becoming the global standard for greasing!

      2017                                                                                                               2019

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