My Grease gun Leaks!  How to fix it and eliminate the mess!



My grease gun leaks.  My grease gun won’t pump.   How can I grease without getting full of grease?!  Sound familiar?  

Then you need to learn about Lube-Shuttle®.   Lube-Shuttle® is the solution to messy, cumbersome, leaking, non-priming grease guns.  Watch this video to learn how to grease mess free!

Which Grease Gun to use?  Standard or Lube-Shuttle®? Electric or Hand?





Grease Guns, which to choose?  Lube-Shuttle® or a standard grease gun? 

In this video we discuss the  pros and cons of each style of Grease Gun to make sure you get exactly what you need for your situation!


Choosing the Right Grease!!



The RED TACKY GREASE is the best.  Is it?  Find out the truth about greases, their colors, and what it means about the grease.  Also learn about tacky, smooth, and buttery greases! 

Fact: Grease is just another product and this means there is a lot of marketing that goes into selling it.  The goal of this video is to help you see through the marketing and chose the grease you actually need.



What are you greasing?  A lawnmower? Boat? Compact tractor?  Boat trailer?  OTR Truck, Farm Equipment?  Construction Equipment?


Learn how to chose the right grease for these specific applications