Learn How to Grease and Which Greases to Use!

Greasing is a necessary chore for anyone who owns a tractor, lawn mower or operates heavy equipment and there are very few people who know how to grease correctly, use the right grease, or like to grease!  In fact, there may not be anyone that likes it grease as it can be a messy and cumbersome task.   However, today, we are going to share with you how you should be greasing, what grease you should be using, and how to stay clean while greasing!

Eliminate the Mess With a Lube-Shuttle Grease gun

Which Grease Gun to use?  Standard or Lube-Shuttle®? Electric or Hand?



Grease Guns, which to choose?  Lube-Shuttle® or a standard grease gun?  Well, let us look at the pros and cons of each style of Grease Gun:


Pros:   Easy cartridge change, easy to tell how full cartridge is, easy to switch greases, no mess, no air gaps, no wasted grease, durable cartridges, cartridges are recyclable

Cons:  Not yet readily available across the United States

Standard Grease Gun:

Pros:  Readily available grease from a wide range of manufacturers, hand, and electric grease guns are cheaper

Cons:  Airgaps, leaking grease, messy, wasted grease, cartridges easily damaged, many brands are cheaply made and do not last

In terms of availability the standard grease gun and cartridge is the winner, but when it comes to functionality the clear winner is Lube-Shuttle®.   The video to the left shows the differences between both cartridges and how to change the tube in each style.


Coming Soon:  Choosing the Right Grease!!