AirTec Lube-Shuttle® Grease

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Lube-Shuttle® Marine Grease: 

SeaGuard SG-145

SeaGuard SG-145 is a premium marine grade grease that is designed for ALL marine applications.    Designed as an EP grease, SeaGuard features a mineral base oil in combination with a calcium soap.  As a calcium thickened grease it easily outperforms and outlasts lithium greases.  The extremely tackiness of SeaGuard ensures it stays in place even in constant fresh or salt water submersion. 

+ excellent saltwater and freshwater resistance
+ exceptional durability when submerged in salt water for extended periods
+ long term corrosion protection, even under heavy loading
+ rated for heavy loading and high shock loading

-Boats and boat trailers
-Barges, dam gates, and submerged drives
-Winches, cables, and cranes
-Heavy Construction and Mining
-Recreation Machines

Lube Shuttle Marine Grease

So many “marine” greases don’t hold up and wash off and that’s NOT the case with SeaGuard.  I couldn’t believe how long this stuff held up.  You can’t wash it off!!

Jay D.

4 Ball Weld load

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