Air-Tec Lube-Shuttle® Electric Grease Gun

Welcome to the Future. Its Cleaner, Greener, and More Efficient!

Lube-Shuttle® 18V lithium Ion Electric Grease Gun

This is an Electric 18V Battery Operated Grease Gun for Lube-Shuttle® – System-Cartridges.  It is the right choice whether you are greasing a car, boat, atv, bulldozer, or truck.  The new cartridge style allows for clean and efficient greasing and the lithium-ion battery does all the hard work, making greasing an easy and clean task.  Simply insert the cartridge into the steel tube, thread it in and you are ready to go!  A powerful DC motor drive, with planetary gearbox and reciprocating piston, creates a working grease pressure of 400 bar.  Maximum pressure is limited by an inbuilt relief valve.

– Battery Operated Grease Gun, 18V Li-Ion battery
– Electronically controlled fast charger with overload protection
(1 hour charge time)
– High Pressure Rubber Hose 750 mm (burst pressure 1,650 bar)
– 4 jaw Hydraulic Coupler
– Plastic Carry Case with space for Spare Battery and Cartridge.


Air-Tec Lube Shuttle Electric Grease Gun

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