Lube Shuttle® Grease Guns and Grease

Lube-Shuttle® Grease Guns

AirTec Lube Shuttle® Grease Guns are the future of greasing. The Lube Shuttle® Cartridge design allows AirTec Grease Guns to decrease time spent greasing, lower waste, and eliminate the mess. Click here to learn more about our Pistol Grip, Lever Handle, and Lithium Powered Electric Grease Guns!

Air-Tec Lube-Shuttle® Grease

Designed for performance and durability AirTec Greases more than meet the standards for a wide variety of agricultural, industrial, construction, marine and recreational applications. Made in Germany and held to the highest industry standards. Find out which grease is right for you!

Empty Lube Shuttle® Cartridges

Looking to put your grease in Lube Shuttle® Cartridges?  We offer bulk empty cartridges for private filling companies.  We also can provide filling solutions!

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Looking to end the battle with your current grease and grease gun? Click here to start greasing headache and mess free with AirTec Lube Shuttle® Grease Guns – THE FUTURE OF GREASING

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Why Lube Shuttle®

Before cars ruled the road before airplanes flew, the spring and plunger grease gun was already being used, but for some reason, you are still using it today. Just like in the early 1900s you are complaining about air gaps, leaking grease, and messy, time-consuming cartridge changes. IT IS TIME TO MOVE FORWARD. Lube-Shuttle® Grease Guns are the first of their kind in the USA and their clean, easy, efficient Lube-Shuttle® Cartridge System is going to revolutionize the Lubricant Industry. In fact, it already has in Europe, Russia, and Asia. So join the 21st Century and start greasing headache free with  Lube-Shuttle®.

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