Lube-Shuttle® LubeJET ECO

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Lube-Shuttle® LubeJET-ECO

Lube-shuttle® LubeJET Eco is the solution to the problem of aerosol lubricants.   Aerosol cans hold very limited amounts of lubricants, can run out of propellant, are expensive to use, and require multiple cans for different lubricants.  LubeJET allows the user to easily apply grease on roller chains, cables, sliding booms, crane rails, as well as wear slides and be able to switch grease easily from job to job.  No more aerosol cans, no more headaches.  

This compressed-air grease applicator enables the spraying of greases directly from the Lube-Shuttle® system cartridge without propellant gas and other chemical additives such as Solvents. 

Simply thread in a lube-shuttle® cartridge with the type of lubricant you need and start!  The adjustable spray pattern and volume allows the user to apply the right amount of lubrication without under greasing or wasting grease.  


– Tremendous cost savings
– Adjustable spray volume and pattern
– Easy to recycle/reuse cartridges
– Easy to change the type of lubricant being applied
– Eliminates waste and hazardous chemicals such as solvents and propellants.  


lube shuttle one hand grease gun

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