Lube-Shuttle® Grease Guns

Cleaner, Greener, and More Efficient Greasing Systems

Lube-Shuttle®:  Lever Handle Grease Gun

All AirTec Lube-Shuttle® Grease Guns are made of the highest quality steel tubes with corrosion resistant zinc plating.  The comfortable lever handle gives the user the ability to push grease into tight fitting pins where a pistol style grease gun cannot provide a high enough pressure.  Working pressure is over 400 bar / 5,800 psi, maximum pressure capability 800 bar / 11,600 psi approx. TÜV, DLG, BLT approved.  All products are made in Germany, guaranteeing the highest quality standards!

AirTec G2 grease
Air Tec Grease MoS02

Lube-Shuttle®: One Hand Grease Gun

One hand grease gun with zinc plated steel barrel for Lube-Shuttle® System-Cartridges, ergonomically designed pistol grip.  This is the lightest and cleanest greasing system available, and yet its durability is sure to meet your highest standards!

Lube-Shuttle®: Electric Grease Gun

This is an Electric 18V Battery Operated Grease Gun for Lube-Shuttle® – System-Cartridges. It is the right choice whether you are greasing a car, boat, ATV, bulldozer, or truck. The new cartridge style allows for clean and efficient greasing and the lithium-ion battery does all the hard work, making greasing an easy and clean task. Simply insert the cartridge into the steel tube, thread it in and you are ready to go! A powerful DC motor drive, with planetary gearbox and reciprocating piston, creates a working grease pressure of 400 bar.  Maximum pressure is limited by an inbuilt relief valve.

AirTec G2 grease

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