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AirTec Grease:  Li400

AirTec’s Li400 is the flagship grease of the AirTec Brand and is designed for maximum protection.  The foundation of Li400 is a medium weight base oil that is great for both low and high-speed applications and it is thickened with lithium complex, which gives it excellent thermal stability. 

However, the exceptional performance of Li400 comes from the proprietary micro-ceramic additive from Wagner/AirTec.  The micro-ceramic additive used in Li400 is able to withstand extreme pressure loads and temperatures beyond the dropping point of the grease, but the advantages continue to include outstanding wear reduction and protection.   

-Ag equipment
-Heavy Construction and Mining 
-Industrial Machines
-Recreation Machines

li400 ceramic grease

We used to have 5 greases in the shop that we used for different applications.  We were able to replace all of them with LI400.  Huge cost savings for us in inventory reduction and so far the perfomance is better!  win-win

Mike D.


Micro Ceramic additive 3%

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